UIP properties are “Clean & Safe”

Vistas aéreas Pine Cliffs Resort e Sheraton Cascais Resort, ambas propriedades do grupo UIP com selo Clean and Safe

Pine Cliffs Resort and Sheraton Cascais Resort are “Clean & Safe” according to Turismo de Portugal. Along with all the measures that are being finalized, this distinction reinforces the feeling of confidence when booking holidays.

Both units are preparing to reopen with a special focus on the national market. The characteristics of the developments are an asset for those who want to go on vacation with the same sense of security that they have at home.

Fully equipped apartments (and private villas at Pine Cliffs Resort); wide gardens and outdoor areas; optimized room service and take-away services; upgraded hygiene and cleaning; exclusive access to the beach (at Pine Cliffs Resort); or the possibility of having private outdoor classes are some of the decision factors.

This way, those who visit Pine Cliffs Resort or the Sheraton Cascais Resort can enjoy a memorable vacation experience, adapted to this “new normal”, without having to leave the resort.