Carlos Leal and Maria D’orey present in the ranking, “Merco Líderes Portugal, 2022”

Carlos Leal - CEO do grupo UIP

It is with enthusiasm that we share that our CEO, Carlos Leal, is recognized for the second consecutive year in the TOP 100, also our director of Serenity – The Art of Well Being, Maria d’Orey, in this case one of the 25 women elected, repeats recognition for the 2nd year in the Ranking of Leaders with the best reputation in Portugal.

This result was obtained after the study Merco Líderes Portugal, 2022”, which involved the participation of 252 executives from excellent reference companies, 42 business professors, 41 economic journalists, 39 financial analysts, 38 union leaders, 36 directors of consumer associations, 35 heads of NGOs, 34 directors of communication and opinion leaders, 31 members of government and 800 citizens.

This is the recognition of a daily, continuous and sustained work, from the leaders to the teams that follow their ideals.